Who we are

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“To live in a free, democratic world we need to see the challenges, face them together and make an impact.” (inspired by Bill Gates)

Kristina Zahida Cassandra Rosic

Founder and Secretary General of Aikkiya

A world of differences

My name is Kristina Zahida Cassandra Rosic and I thought about how it was possible that prejudice and exclusion grew in my immediate vicinity in connection with the refugee wave that came to Europe in 2015. I could not in my wildest imagination understand why people should be different in relation to cultural background and or believes. Separating us based on words and actions makes all the more sense in my world. Still I could see that fear was spreading all around.

I wondered what my generation was leaving behind and the idea of Aikkiya was born at a lunch table with some family-members where we discussed the subject on which one says; “a symbol can gather like-minded people to stand up for democracy and humans rights” and I found my calling. 

I was going to create a symbol against all forms of extremism. To unite people over religious believes and preconceptions, just as I had the fortune to be raised.

Since then, the organisation has emerged and we are convinced that a majority of people are good and the political situation in the world now, creates distance and exclusion. Democracy needs support in order to function. We reason that a symbol with values that cherish diversity, can help different philosophies and lifestyles find common grounds to safeguard democracy. When citizens feel secure and free to act responsibly, we can protect the humanity.

As children we were taught the difference between good and evil, no matter what you had for ancestry or faith. Our childhood home was always welcoming people regardless of ethnicity, religion or background with respect and reverence, for all of equal value. Our home was always full of people who socialised and cooperated. 

We welcome you to join this journey where differences bring us together on common grounds.

The team behind NGO Aikkiya

Is very dedicated to democracy and understands the importance of the responsibility a citizen have in a democratic society. We want to help other people understand their responsibility to live in a free democratic society.