Engage now

Because you care for our children’s future



Support democracy

Aikkiya is a supporting tool for governments and politicians to safeguard democracy.

Citizens of Democracy

For all who wants to safeguard democracy on grassroots level and all people in need of democratic and human rights values. 

Three children's hands on top of the world

at schools and other youth organisations. Teaching our young ones about finding the doctrine of identifying common denominators.

Digital newspaper

with information of engagement and work thats going on.


For members to promote their workshops to safeguard democracy on grassroots level. Such as sport-activity, Food-party. Something kind to a stranger or a neighbour. See each other.

Heart in gold, Yin and Yang black and white, Cross in gold, Star of David in gold, Half moon and star in gold inbeded with each other. "We are all humans" underneath the logo in black

Profiling material

Spread our brand Aikkiya by using different profiling material of your choice. 

Portrait of Albert Einstein
Portrait of Albert Einstein

The world is a dangerous place to live; not because of the people who are evil but because of the people who don´t do anything about it.

Albert Einstein 1879-1955 (76 year)

Mathematician, physicist and philosopher.