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Time for Change

Our commitment, values and mission are Aikkiya´s foundational core to guide everyone who engage in time for change.


At the core of Aikkiya are four foundational values that guide our actions, unite our members, and drive our mission:

Respect for Different Conceptions of Life and Lifestyles:

We honor and embrace the diversity of perspectives, beliefs, and ways of life that exist in our global community. We recognize the importance of respecting and valuing each individual’s unique journey and choices.

Standing United Against All Forms of Violent Extremism:

We are committed to countering violent extremism in all its manifestations. We reject violence as a means to achieve political or ideological goals and advocate for peaceful and constructive dialogue as the path towards positive change.

Cooperation Across Religious Boundaries and Preconceived Opinions:

We actively promote collaboration and understanding among people of different religions, faiths, and beliefs. We seek to bridge divides, break down stereotypes, and foster an environment of mutual respect, cooperation, and interfaith dialogue.

Recognition of United Nations’ Human Rights Convention:

We uphold the principles and values enshrined in the United Nations’ Human Rights Convention. We champion the protection and promotion of human rights, advocating for equality, justice, and dignity for all individuals, regardless of their background or identity.

With these values as our guiding principles, Aikkiya strives to create a world where diversity is celebrated, where peaceful coexistence prevails, and where individuals can live freely, safely, and harmoniously in multicultural societies. We believe that by embracing these values and working together, we can make a meaningful and lasting impact in advancing democracy, peace, and security on a global scale.


Aikkiya’s mission is to foster a global movement against violent extremism, promote democracy, and ensure peace, security, and respect in multicultural societies.

Through our non-partisan and non-religious approach with our respectfully made logo, we strive to unite individuals from diverse backgrounds, cultures, and beliefs, working together to defend basic democratic principles, bridge differences, and strengthen civil courage at the grassroots level.

By embracing the values of respect, cooperation, and recognition of human rights, we aim to create a worldwide community that showcases the power of diversity and advocates for a safe and free world for all.


Aikkiya is committed to its mission of promoting peace, security, and democracy in multicultural societies. We pledge to uphold the following commitments in all our endeavors:

Inclusivity and Respect:

We commit to creating an inclusive and respectful environment that values and embraces the diversity of individuals and communities. We honor different perspectives, beliefs, and identities, fostering a culture of mutual understanding, acceptance, and appreciation.

Non-Partisanship and Non-Religious Approach:

We maintain a non-partisan and non-religious stance in our work, ensuring that our movement remains unbiased and inclusive. We strive to unite people across political, religious, and cultural divides, focusing on shared values and common goals.

Peaceful Conflict Resolution:

We are dedicated to promoting peaceful means of conflict resolution and rejecting all forms of violence. We advocate for dialogue, cooperation, and understanding as essential tools in addressing the root causes of extremism and fostering lasting peace.

Grassroots Engagement:

We recognize the importance of engaging individuals at the grassroots level to bridge differences, find common ground, and build resilient communities. We empower individuals to actively participate in shaping their societies, fostering civil courage, and promoting democratic principles.

Evidence-Based Advocacy:

We are committed to conducting research, commissioning studies, and utilizing evidence-based approaches in our advocacy efforts. We aim to be informed, credible, and influential voices in shaping policies and strategies to counter extremism and uphold democratic values.

By upholding these commitments, Aikkiya seeks to make a tangible difference in the world, fostering unity, promoting understanding, and building a safer and more inclusive global community.