Voices for Peaceful Diversity

A grassroots initiative Against violent extremism
in Multicultural Societies


  • Defend basic democratic principles  across all political span’s
  • Bridge the difference gaps
  • Find common denominators on grassroots level
  • Strengthen the civil courage in society

(Democratic principles accordingly with UN´s conventions of Human Rights)

Many hands and arms in different colours with the text Diversity

4 Core Values

  • Respect different conceptions of life and lifestyles
  • Stand united against all forms of violent extremism
  • Cooperate across religious boundaries and pre-conceived opinions
  • Recognise United Nation’s Human Rights Convention
Aikkiya Voices for peaceful diversity
Heart, Yin and Yang, Star of David, Cross, Half moon and star respectfully imbedded with each other. Under the logo is the word Aikkiya in capital letters, together forming rainbow color.

The Aikkiya logo represents all Voices for Peaceful Diversity as a call to embrace moral and ethical values as the foundation for a just, inclusive, and compassionate society. It signifies Aikkiya’s commitment to promoting these values and to inspiring individuals to lead lives guided by integrity, respect, and empathy.

Aikkiya Vision

A worldwide community to show the force of diversity together!



Aikkiya – Voices for peaceful diversity recognise that the world is currently experiencing significant unrest on a global scale. Moreover, numerous regions and countries are grappling with a myriad of challenges and these challenges range from political instability and social divisions to economic disparities and conflicts, not to mention religious tensions. Consequently, these multifaceted factors have contributed to a pervasive sense of uncertainty and tension, both within individuals and between nations.

non-partisan and non-religious organization

Aikkiya, is a global movement committed to promoting peaceful diversity and safeguarding democratic principles and additionally, as a non-partisan and non-religious organization, Aikkiya – Voices for peaceful diversity, aims to unite individuals from all walks of life. It seeks to transcend boundaries of religion, gender, race, culture, and sexual orientation, with the common denominator being to safeguard Democracy with a focused approach on respecting different conceptions of life and lifestyles.


Aikkiya stands against violent extremism and emphasizes the importance of promoting cooperation across religious boundaries but moreover, it steadfastly upholds human rights conventions, striving to create a worldwide community that demonstrates the power of diversity. By working towards upholding a safe and free world for all, Aikkiyas members exemplifies its dedication to fostering a global environment that celebrates inclusivity and mutual understanding.

Democracy needs support

Let us Show that we are a Majority who want Peace, Freedom, Unity, Security and Legally Safe Societies
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Join the Aikkiya movement and be part of the change you want to see in the world. Our community is dedicated to promoting peaceful diversity and safeguarding democratic principles. By making a donation, no matter how small, you can help us continue our mission of creating a safe and inclusive world for all. Together, we make a difference!